Same same but different

So, we know that the Drug problem in Punjab is real and growing. Out of the several attempts made by 'the knowns' of the society, two in particularly have been flooding our timelines over the last couple of days. Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi (the guy who sang Dil Le Gayee Kudi Gujarat Di), posted a positive,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 soundtracks from Pakistani soaps

Just as wonderful as their lingering short series, the accompanying soundtracks to Pakistani soaps are equally powerful. Despite the controversy over banning Pakistani artistes, the sophisticated, well-shot Pakistani soaps on Zindagi are a breath of fresh air from over-dramatized, over-killed everything Indian soaps. Here's a list of some of our favourites, that always leave us wanting more:... Continue Reading →

Ska Vengers out with a new single

Delhi-based act Ska Vengers are out with a fresh new single titled Badda. It's crazy. The video is crazier and carries the signature funky. PS: We loveeeed the treatment; refreshed our DD memories. Members: Begum X (vocals) Delhi Sultanate (vocals) Stefan 'Flexi' Kaye (organ/percussion) Raghav 'Diggy' Dang (guitar) Tony 'Bass' (bass) The Late Nikhil Vasudevan... Continue Reading →

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