Crazy Weather forecasts an Eclipse…


Nah, this is not about the Met Dept or weather update. We’re talking about Ex Them Clones’ ace axeman, Gucci Singh’s latest single with his new act called Crazy Weather.  We’ll catch up with them on more in due time, but meanwhile, check out the track. Crazy Weather with the release of Eclipse ranked No. 7 in Delhi on Reverberation charts recently. They’re about 8 songs old and this is what the 8th track sounds like.

Crazy weather, who?


Crazy Weather are an alternative/rock/funk outfit, from New Delhi, India. After more than a decade of writing, composing and performing in various outfits, the members of Crazy Weather, guitarist/singer/producer Gucci Singh, bassist and singer Arpan G and drummer Daniel Rajan come together to expose a new, genre bending set of songs.

CW’s repertoire slips into funk rock to alternative metal to pop rhythms and choruses, which you can hear on their debut album Half Life.

Lyrically, the songs have tones of cynicism, sex, accountability, despair and love for the au naturel, all mixed in as a sort of chicken soup for the soul.

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