Ragas from Jodhpur: A decade of RIFFs & Revelry

A decade of RIFFs & Revelry! My piece on one of the longest standing Music Fests of India JodhpurRIFF for this month's Society Magazine. RIFF, which is held at the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, has not only survived the test of time, but has also set an example for other music festivals of India. This year, as the festival turns 10, here's piecing together nostalgia and the present to examine RIFF's legendary quotient…

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Shaheer Sheikh: The SRK of Indonesia

A photographer, a criminal lawyer, an events professional, occasional hairstylist/ grooming expert and an actor with TV industries of 2 countries on his portfolio. Meet Shaheer Sheikh, one of the most popular stars to emerge out of Indian Television who waltzed his way into the heart of the Indonesian entertainment industry. Here’s a chat with a restless man of many talents. Society Magazine, June 2017

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Shilpa Rao's on CokeStudio Pak With Noori!

So this is the excitement she was beaming with when we caught up with her in Delhi last weekend. Shilpa Rao has debuted on Coke Studio Pakistan with the fabulaous Noori duo of Ali & Hamza. The track is titled Par Channa. We congratulate Shilpa on this 1st, may this be the first of many. Check... Continue Reading →

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