Midival Punditz release their much-awaited 4th studio album titled Light

Lets just say it; the Punditz got swag.

They made us wait a couple of years but then the refreshing sounds of Light, have made the wait worth its time. From the packaging to the theme, craft and to the treatment, these pioneers of Indian Electronica have got the mix absolutely right. The album cover fits in seamlessly with what they’ve tried to build and their 1st video – Baanwarey (below), keeps the good vibes going.

On Light, their 4th full-length studio album, they’ve created their first performance-based concept record, rooted as much in western rock as the diverse folk traditions of India.

With this album, the duo decided to up the ante by creating a fuller, live sound, evolving their craft as songwriters and performers. The duo feels that Light is their most cohesive and driving album yet, not particularly devoted to any one style.

The album features a bouquet of musicians… flautist Pt Ajay Prasanna, Rajasthani folk stalwart Kutle Khan, Hindustani Classical singer Malini Awasthi, American Producer Todd Michaelsen, Papon, Baiju Dharmajan, Karan Sharma, Drummer Shardul Mehta and Karan Malik. These collaborators helped shape the entire sound of Light. In fact, the Punditz are planning on taking Khan and Awasthi, along with flautist Pandit Ajay Prasanna (who plays on 5 songs) on the road when touring this record. Ideally that live set will see Light performed from the first note to the last, each with its own video designed by Santana Issar with help from album cover artist Naasha Mehta.

Why Light?
According to one half of the duo: “When we were writing these songs the visual that came to us was ‘light,’ larger than life light… Light is one of the most important elements to our visualising this album. It was there the entire time from the beginning to the end of the album,” says Gaurav Raina.

#IMFO says: One can clearly the Punditz’s brand of electronica as the main protagonist of the album — only on a strong dose of myriad styles on Indian folk, giving their favourite Indian classical music genre a break this time.


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