Same same but different

So, we know that the Drug problem in Punjab is real and growing. Out of the several attempts made by ‘the knowns’ of the society, two in particularly have been flooding our timelines over the last couple of days.

Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi (the guy who sang Dil Le Gayee Kudi Gujarat Di), posted a positive, idea-led warm video in Punjabi, on his Facebook page addressing the problem and asking people to come together and help.

Excerpts from his appeal:

“One of the major causes of spread of drug culture in Punjab is dissemination of various art forms promoting drug-culture including songs and films promoting drugs. What is more disheartening is that the mainstream media, faith leaders, NGOs etc. are also more or less silent on the issue. This initiative needs your support and advice. I appeal to all of you to extend your whole-hearted support towards eradicating the menace of drugs-culture in Punjab. I would also look forward to your suggestions for this unique efforts.”  

Via Jasbir Jassi’s Facebook feed.

On the other hand, there’s this video from another gent also from Punjab, often known (with spite) in our circles as the hairy he-fairy aka ‘Love Charger’ (or Laabh Shaaarjjurrr in his style), Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insaan. Even though his intent may be noble – the track is called Drug Na Lena Re, the video was just the opposite. To say the least, the atrocious tune is loosely based on (a rather horrid steal) Psy’s Gangnam Style.

One look at the video and the person watching will wonder what cheap drug was the whole crew tripping on (P.S. the star of the video was seen flying in air on a scooty, playing a violin, with the tightest slacks you’ll ever see a man wear in the background, straight out of wonderland. We can’t describe the video any further, after a minute and 34 seconds, we had to abort ship.

Here’s the video, (P.S: we warned you)

For a change, I say, yeh cult nahin hai.


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