Brimful of Summer showcases: Purnam

In this swipe to shop world of instant gratification, there’s a special place for slow-cooked handpicked showcases. Purnam is one such exhibition that's driven by its inclusive curation, as much as its driven by the determined attitude of its founders. For years they’ve been responsible for bringing interesting showcases to the popular NGO Akshay Pratishthan’s... Continue Reading →

Now sampling the refreshing body mist by Natural Bath & Body called Beautiful Day from the #marchfabbag 2017.  This one stays quite, a while, but the real test will happen in peak dilli summers if course. Ps: I'm already a fan of their face masks.  It works well! 

All-weather wilderness

Malvika Nanda heads for a weekend getaway to the Ahaana Resorts at the Jim Corbett National Park, to discover an all weather destination. Wellness in the day and wilderness by the night, seems like a all-weather option at Aahana. Originally written for and published by   What's Corbett without a trip to the wild? Many... Continue Reading →

Relax and rejuvenate the ayurvedic way!

Here's  an Ayurvedic rollercoaster in the quaint town of Rishikesh as writer Malvika Nanda talks about her experience at the Sanskriti Vedic Retreat. This story was originally written for and published by     “I don’t want an ordinary bachelorette, I want to plan something fun before all the wedding madness begins, tell me a good... Continue Reading →

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