Taiwan Tales vlog – Part 1

Day 2: The most spellbinding act of the day was the Sun Moon ropeway from the village, amidst the mountains which gave us the perfect birds eye view of the lake. We decided to brave the all-transparent (yes, even the floor was see-through) crystal cable car and it was worth every muffled scream. Such a view of the valley, the hills and the lake would be impossible, obviously, from any other point.
Our little cruise was on a beautiful lake, which is surrounded by areas of both cultural and historical significance. The boat ride is a must in these deep emerald waters that on one side become round like the sun, while the other side is shaped like a crescent moon.
This is also known as one of the most beautiful cycling paths in the world, and hence should be on top of your to-do list.
The lines of kiosks around the pier have some good local handicrafts on sale. In my opinion, it is better option to buy Taiwanese tokens for home that the big shops in fancy upmarketspaces.
While I missed the cycle tour thanks to my lack of practice, cycling with gears, the perfect postcard vista moment of the lake came close to the sunset. The view of the lake from the rooftop of our abode that evening – Fleur De Chine, was the simply stunning. The lake mirrored a painting as it reflected the many shades of setting sun, the clouds and slowlymaking way for its natural blue colour as you looked afar.

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