Live with MN: Decoding Indie 101 With Ritnika Nayan of MGMH

Indie 101 by Ritnika Nayan Shrivastava is pegged as ‘the ultimate guide to the independent music industry in India is the definitive book on navigating and succeeding in today’s music industry.’ Ritnika is one of the earliest music-based women entrepreneurs of the country and recently celebrated 10 years of her company Music Gives Me High (MGMH) in August, 2017.
Watch the video to know about her foray into Artist Management, setting up Jam Studios and working with some of the top talent from the Indie Music Scene in India.

Day 14 of my #30DayLiveVideoChallenge


You can get a digital or physical copy here: Indie 101: The Ultimate Guide to the Independent Music Industry in India


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