Brimful of Summer showcases: Purnam

In this swipe to shop world of instant gratification, there’s a special place for slow-cooked handpicked showcases. Purnam is one such exhibition that’s driven by its inclusive curation, as much as its driven by the determined attitude of its founders.

For years they’ve been responsible for bringing interesting showcases to the popular NGO Akshay Pratishthan’s exhibitions as active volunteers but the will to give a chance to more and more people led them to create Purnam. “As the cut off for that exhibition is really high, we met a lot of people who had talent but didn’t make the it through the selection process. Their craft was good and we wanted to create a platform for them and that’s how Purnam took shape. To complete the circle, we always provide a free space for NGO’s to exhibit and sell the products from the communities they support, says Sarita Baluja, co-founder, Purnam.

Purnam, is all-women initiative, that not only supports women’s empowerment through their exhibitors but the ladies of Purnam lead by example themselves. Some of them are in their 60s and some in 70s but their drive and determination prove further that age, after all is just a number.

They have been around for a decade working towards making the exhibition go places with no interest in any personal gains except furthering the cause of good talent. A conversation with them will leave refreshed and inspired. That along with mommy’s touch, as they ensured that no conversation takes places till we got some fresh limes to cool the heat and hot pakoras to please our bellies.

THE LADIES OF PURNAM | From Left to Right: Jani Dhingra, Indu Gupta, Sarita Baluja, Saroj Bhatia

Saroj Bhatia, Jani Dhingra, Indu Gupta along with Sarita Baluja make the core team of Purnam. They are always on the look out for talent and they don’t care where it comes from, whether the artist/entrepreneur is established or just starting up. Their agenda is to help people connect – small or big, organised or shaukiya – buyers and customers to exhibitors and visa-versa.

The exhibitors spread goes as far as Dubai, UAE, Kolkata in the East, Mumbai in the West, Delhi and Hisar and Varanasi in the North, among others. From the high-fashion section introduced this year to home-businesses, artisans and big and small entrepreneurs, the fashion and lifestyle exhibition. The special designer lounge will feature leading couturiers, Madhu Jain, Sonam Dubal, Samant Chauhan, Charu Parashar, Rina Dhaka and Blossom Kochhar.

Madhu Jain, a well-known textile revivalist will present rare bamboo silk ikat creations while designers Sonam Dubal and Samant Chauhan will showcase the signature the richness of Indian textiles, while Charu Parashar will be exhibit an interesting range of resort wear.

Do check out hand embroidered jewellery on raw silk by Luna Pena, chikankari outfits from Kassida by Kirti, customisable footwear by Monard, a range of gluten-free deserts, regional snacks, home decor stuff, accessories, traditional to chic range of clothes among many others items, curated with love and acchi niyat. There is something for every pocket at the Summer fest!

Grace and the will to give, makes Purnam stand apart, so be there, I know I will be.

Purnam’s Summer Festive 2018 Exhibition will be held on July 20th, 2018 at The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri. 

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