WatchNListen: It’s impossible to ignore Indian music culture for a musician, says Dream Theater’s Rudess

Dream Theater’s keyboard wiz Jordan Rudess, talks about music in India, studying Indian rhythms, his new Carnatic-friendly app GeoShred, along with his upcoming project with Indian musicians and a lot more, ahead of the band’s first ever Indian gig.


The legendary American band Progressive Rock/Metal band will be performing in  India as a part of their grand ‘Images, Words & Beyond’- 25th Anniversary tour at the MMRDA, Grounds.

The iconic band that has a massive set of followers in India, is well known for the technical proficiency of its instrumentalists and each band member stand out for their individual accomplishments. For the uninitiated the two time Grammy-nominated band,  consists of James Labrie (Lead Vocals), John Petrucci (Guitars & Backing Vocals), Jordan Rudess (keyboards), John Myung (on Bass guitars) & Mike Mangini (Drums, Percussion).

The legion of fiercely devoted Dream Theater diehards around the world expect nothing less than a smart, fully immersive, experiential journey through otherworldly soundscapes. This tour will see Dream Theater celebrating the 25th anniversary of their milestone album, “Images & Words. With heartfelt vocals in progressive metal & thought-provoking lyrics, the album gained recognition as Loudwire’s Metal Madness Award for “The Best Metal Album” of all time in 2013.

The India & Dubai leg of the tour is being managed by Mumbai-based Opium Events. Getting Dream Theatre to India, was the organiser & Opium Events M.D. Cyrus Gorimar’s long-standing Dream. Gorimar is a well-known Metal musician and has been playing for decades with his bands – Brahma & Blue Blood.

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