Supper And Song Season 1, Episode 1 Feat. Rabbi Shergill Out Now!

The very first Supper And Song session with the powerhouse of a singer-songwriter Rabbi Shergill was an absolute riot! We chatted on how he found his sound, our common love for coffee with jaggery, playlists, influences, why people think he’s ‘sanaki’ (eccentric/ peculiar), his love for yoga and biking, of course new music and a lot more!

This is a series of freewheeling chats with some of the most compelling music makers of the country. Get front row seats to a tell-all unravelling the very core of your favourite artistes- what they love & loathe, how they traversed through life’s curveballs to arrive at their signature sound today, their playlists and their heroes, their quirks and their beliefs…

Candid, unscripted, buoyant and hopefully immersive. Join us at the latest music e-hangout So many talent-rich musicians in the country, so many beautiful stories to tell…

From my days as a Music Journalist/Columnist at HT to 8 years of running The Big Beat (one of the country’s first Music/Media Strategy firms), I’ve always wanted to tell the tales of myriad music makers. Twenty Nineteen, marks the 18th year of my journalistic career and also a new beginning into the digital sphere with my brand new web series. It is actually a string of conversations with some of the big daddies and young ‘uns from the Indian music scene.

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