REVIEW: Preventive hair treatment from Medavita @VLCC

Every season comes with its own set of challenges for our crowing glories i.e. our hair. With age, change of season, pollution and daily stress of our lives, our tresses sometimes become a challenge to deal with. Medavita, a leading Italian brand for hair care, has collaborated with VLCC in India to curate a specific set of treatments for hair solutions. The treatments, both for men & women, range from dandruff solutions to hair fall, sebum balancing to a calming and soothing treatment for sensitive or inflamed scalp. I sampled the latter called Velour – Calming & Soothing treatment which is formulated to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium while alleviating irritation.

PS: Only & only take this treatment if you have a scalp condition to deal with, this is not one of those ‘pamper me today’, hair spas. ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it applies here, as I was to find out a day later, it didn’t quite work for me. 

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