REVIEW: August Fab Bag

Chic and shine

I love unwrapping gifts, especially in the month of August. It’s my birth month after all. Nice-long grey rainy days apart, the humidity that monsoons bring can be really trying, most times. So, the August compilation by Fab Bag came across as a huge relief for the dull and dreary moments

What I received:


  • Geri G. Blending Cheek & eye Duo (Full size 2,500/-)
  • Just Herbs Kumuda – Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash (Rs 545/- for 200 ml)
  • Kronokare Anti Turm(Oil) Repairing (Rs. 325/- for 100 ml)
  • Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque (Rs. 325/- for 100 ml)
  • Livon Serum (Rs. 212 for 100 ml)


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Geri G. Blending Cheek & eye Duo (Full size Rs. 2,500/-)


This would’ve ideally been my numero uno favourite from this month’s FabBag, until another absolutely refreshing Anti TurmOil was tried and tested (more on that below).

Geri G. is quite a well-known brand backed by and named after a make-up expert herself.

The two dark and light mixes give you plenty of play options for day and night and glide on like a dream. Plus the mixer is bonus. I personally prefer a blend of the two.

Just Herbs Kumuda – Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash (Rs 545/- for 200 ml)


While the name made it quite intriguing to check out, lotus is lotus after all, this product from Just Herbs (which by the way, is a brand I quite like), didn’t quite cut it for me. There is no problem with the body wash however, except mediocrity. The fragrance is so-so as is the product itself. I wouldn’t necessarily buy this one. That may also be the case because Just Herbs has a fantastic collection of fragrances for their products (or at least that was the case with ones I’ve tried before) – so one would naturally expect something more.
As a regular option for a body wash, go for it.

Kronokare Anti Turm(Oil) Repairing (Rs. 325/- for 100 ml)

I barely had any hopes from this, considering I’m now a sworn fan of Sweet Almond and the Moroccan Argan oils for my hair care routine, but this surprise winner won me over at the first whiff. Man, can lavender do wonders to your mood and fatigued body. Yes, the oil maybe for hair care but its elevating properties  – given its rich lavender-meets-peppermint aroma – are not just restricted to your hair. It de-stresses  you from the word go, taking away tiredness, dullness and clogged ENT (if at all).
The oil is a blend of Vitamin E and essential oils, namely Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary and Frankincense along with Coconut Oil, which I guess is at the base of the mix and gives the concoction its signature thick residue.
Lavender’s aroma makes the top note, while others merely shine in its glory. The mix is targeted at repairing war-torn locks from the polluted, smokey, dusty and hectic city life.

The literature suggests you to massage your scalp and leave the oil on for 15 minutes at least. I’d say leave it on as long as you can. It can make-do for a mini-spa experience at home and its strong aroma (yes, it’s strong) that makes the whole room smell of lavender is the key to that state of bliss. If you’re not a fan of loud and boisterous fragrances, this may not be the deal for you.

Anti TurmOil (love the name) is relatively non-greasy and comes off easy with your regular shampoo process. I have already placed an order for a full-sizer.

Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque (Rs. 325/- for 100 ml)


I don’t know why its called a masque and what benefit can it possibly bring you. Fragrance, texture, result all ordinary. If one’s a fan of following beauty regimes a couple of times in a week, this addition won’t hurt you, but it won’t do any wonders too. Avoidable.

Livon Serum (Rs. 212 for 100 ml)

Shine, fragrance, result and texture the all new (?!) Livon Serum is much better from its predecessors. The dark fuchsia pink packaging works well along with the retro-styled Kangana Ranaut on it. Will I go out and buy this again? Still remains to be seen.

It would work well for people who aren’t very particular about their hair products or major users of serum like myself. For its de-tangling and extra shine properties, this gets a simple nod.

#IMFO verdict: 3 out of 5 for this one. A big thumbs up to Geri G. and Kronokare Anti TurmOil. Consolation price for Livon’s relaunched hair serum. The bag, however, was a almost a repeat of the one I received in July (and loved!), in terms of its colour scheme. Variety is almost always welcome. Polka dots and a thick stripe would’ve been very welcome in any other colour.



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