Shilpa Rao's on CokeStudio Pak With Noori!

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So this is the excitement she was beaming with when we caught up with her in Delhi last weekend. Shilpa Rao has debuted on Coke Studio Pakistan with the fabulaous Noori duo of Ali & Hamza. The track is titled Par Channa. We congratulate Shilpa on this 1st, may this be the first of many. Check out some pictures she posted above and below is her estatic message:
Via Facebook: “Ok here it is guys, finally so happy to tell you all that my song PAR CHANAA with NOORI is out this Friday on Coke Studio Season 9. Subir Malik III I can never thank you enough for making this happen and Ali Hamza Ali Noor thank you so much for believing in me.”

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