SKINCARE | Lost-and-found hand care tool


Totally forgot about this Cuccio Naturalé Butter Blend in a Tuscan Citrus Herb setting. It took a while for it to make sense to my skin type, but now I can tell you this non-greasy, mildly fragrant body butter works well on hands and arms in summertime. It’s not moisturising enough for the feet, though.

The official deets on the product: “Extracts of orange and clary sage add revitalising Vitamin C for clarity, brightness and firmness to your skin’s complexion. Moisture binding Vitamin E protects the skin. Vitamin rich formula. The patented formula releases moisturising emollients every 2 hours for 24 hour hydration. Leaves the skin hydrated, soft and smooth.”

#IMFO verdict: Tuscan Citrus Herb sounds more exciting than the results it brings.


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