Fuzz Culture release their debut album with a packed national tour

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They’re one crazy act. And going by their debut album strongly (and aptly, so we feel) titled NO, the good crazy is here to stay. Here’s the dope on the album. Sample the video:

Known for their wild and energetic performances, Fuzzculture was formed in 2012 by guitarist/ vocalist Arsh Sharma and drummer Srijan Mahajan. This two-piece electronic music outfit from New Delhi, India, evolved from a project that took over a year-and-a-half in the studio and then on to a full-fledged live act.

They released their debut album NO, after a successful EP launch in 2013. The band has returned to their roots of Rock’ n’ Roll with very strong live elements in their songs. The album consists of 8 tracks moving between Industrial Rock to Electronic Pop and Punk Rock in this Universal Music release.

The duo at FuzzCulture aims to combine melody and groove within a framework of mix-tape experimentation. Their shows are often recalled for the ‘sheer energy they bring along on a promising roller-coaster ride’.

Arsh and Srijan are no strangers to the indie circuit. While FuzzCulture re-introduced them as a distinct act no less, they have been around. Arsh as the guitarist/vocalist for The Circus, who has played over 150 Shows in the country and abroad. And Srijan as the drummer for Parikrama, Half Step Down and Cyanide, and has played over 500 shows in the country and all over the world.

FuzzCulture’s first full length album NO follows their critically acclaimed EP titled Indulge.Divulge that was released in 2013. NO features 8 songs which combine influences ranging from industrial to bass to rock to glitch music. The songs are all provocative in nature and aim to push the boundaries of electronic music and give the safe nature of most electronic music found in the scene today an angry and unpredictable twist. The songs have themes which are mostly based on the negative emotions found in the human condition whether they be jealousy, anger, resentment, a need for isolation or the fear of growing old.

The album has a heavy and diverse sound and aims to push the listener’s imagination to what is possible in the realm of electronic music and they try to explore previously unexplored emotions in this realm of music.


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