Lucky date this Friday!

There are shows and then there are shows. A huge differentiator — between the very expensive international shows, where we pay several times more ticket money, than an average show in India — is the production. Timbre, a Mumbai based entertainment and talent management firm, chose to bridge that gap with a arduous task of multi-dimensional top of the line concert.

The evening of June 5th had Blue Frog witness the refreshing signature sound of the 90s’ most successful independent artist Lucky Ali along with the opening act, Pratyul Joshi, who carries the same invigorating whiff of timelessness in his music.

This concert is a rare, specially curated evening by Timbre that aims to capture all senses of the audiences. Timbre created an evening with state-of-the-art sound-scaping and 3D mapping.

Lucky Ali, singer-songwriter, composer, actor, philanthropist, farmer, horse breeder, a man of mystery took the stage to woo audiences with his husky rough-edged voice and strikingly simple ballad-style singing.

Pratyul Joshi, an upcoming and fast rising singer-songwriter who is a believer of ‘Free-Form’ music, not confined to any one genre, started the evening.

The entire event was curated by Timbre. Headed by Abhishaik, they strive to change and open up new avenues for existing gigs/ concerts and festivals. They have introduced 3D mapping to not only improve the audio but also the aesthetic feel of the concert.


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