Beauty | Review: Flower power meets face toner

A little late in posting about this discovery but totally worth it, anyway. The new facetoner ‘Flower Power’ by Kronokare is an absolute must buy for this season.  The toner is a blend of  distilled water from three flowers, namely Lavender, Neroli & Ylang Ylang that promise to purify and repair your

skin. The toner is claims to be silicon, paraben, sulphate, mineral-oil and fragrance free, but definitely comes with a light flowery fragnagnance of its own. It’s recommend to be used after your face wash routine as also as a cleansing face mist in the middle or at the end of the day.
The spray makes it rather easy to use & carry along, the fragrance complements the products purpose. From the March Fab Bag. That’s is why I love my monthly indulgence packs from this beauty subscription service. Ps: this is the second product from Kronokare I will be happy to invest in.

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