Cult Hai!

It’s been about four months roughly, four months of not having to write one single story.  It’s difficult to say whether I felt any particular joy or sadness, keeping away from regular reportage… But then of course, like most phases, literary silence ends here with MalvikaNanda/Cult Hai!

I got stuck on to this phrase thanks to my mumbaikaar friend — let’s call him Venky– – who used ‘Cult Hai!’ for just about anything he found ‘cool’ or of relevance’. Which is precisely the spirit of this blog, to envisage all the news that by now comes to me by default, thanks to my long standing affair with daily news and reportage.

Yes of course, almost every third day of my ‘literary silence’ phase, the absence of  written down words  made me a little uneasy; particularly at gigs.

But of course, no more.

“Na shole mein yeh karishma, na barq mein yeh ada, koee batao ki woh shokh-e-tund_khoo kya hai ?
Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ke tu kya hai…”  – Mirza Ghalib

Cult Hai!

Let the show begin!


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